Return On Life.


What observations have you made watching other people retire? I’ve noticed that an unrecognised obvious to many people, until they’ve actually retired, is that their work had many more qualities which fulfilled them, other than just the money, but they did not appreciate it at the time. The mistake they made was not seeing that […]

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The 5 C’s of Creating Momentum.

momentum blog

Getting the momentum behind your plan is more about the execution than just the idea. When you’ve had a ‘Eureka’ moment, the next step is to build momentum, allowing you to move forward with the confidence that you’ve taken control of the future. Here are a few tips in helping you move forward with purpose: […]

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How Much Is Enough?

antique classic clock 1095601 - How Much Is Enough?

A year ago I asked in these updates, “Have you noticed that time is slipping by and it slips by quicker than we realise?” Well, here we are a year later and, to me, 2018 has flown by. Has last year gone by quickly for you as well? In the three decades I’ve been in […]

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