Podcast: Authentic Communication, Authentic Results.

thomas le 578994 unsplash - Podcast: Authentic Communication, Authentic Results.

Join Andrew Stinchcomb of GL Integrity Financial Planning on Dave and Angela’s Communication Paradox Podcast. The Communication Paradox is a Podcast committed to helping business leaders communicate authentically in the marketplace rather than just pretending to be ‘perfect’.Andrew’s approach to business over the last 27 years has seen him help people tell the authentic story […]

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You Still Have Time.

harli marten 135841 unsplash - You Still Have Time.

One of the factors that stop us addressing our future is the question of time or a lack of it. We fear that time has run out and we have left “it” too late. In our last update, we shared about the KFC founder, Colonel Sanders and how, late in his life, he made choices […]

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